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What is Code Café?

Code Café is a community of practice — a group of people who come together in one space to work on their own projects. In this case, it means working in a common space with other coders, whether brand new or experienced, who support and teach each other as needed.

Free coffee and cookies are a perk.

  •   Open to affiliated Notre Dame and Saint Mary's patrons
  •   Faculty, staff, and students are welcome
  •   No experience necessary
  •   No sign up necessary

Is Code Café for me?

Do you have a project which requires coding? Find it helpful to work in a supportive environment, where you can share and grow your knowledge?

Join us — All skill levels are welcome!

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Get Involved

Code Café takes place on the first Friday of every month. Drop by, grab a cookie and some coffee, and get to work. Ask for help when you need it and return the favor when you can.

1 PM – 5 PM

246 Hesburgh Library


First Friday of each month


Laptop required


Coffee and cookies served

Our Coaches

Coaches are knowledgeable members who attend regularly and help, when asked, with their area(s) of expertise.

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Supported Languages, Libraries, Tools

Coaches experience in a range of languages and libraries. The more who show, the more our knowledge grows.








Your Specialty...?

Come add to our expertise!

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