Frequently Asked Questions

Code Café is exactly what its users make of it. There are lots of ways to interact at Code Café and all activities are voluntary. Of course, we believe the richest experience involves occasionally sharing with others.

Grab cookies and coffee

Introduce yourself to others

Grab a seat and work on a project

Ask for help if you get stuck

Get up and give a short demo

Suggest a resource for our database

Join our Google Web forum

Our coaches and their skillsets are listed on the home page of this website. Participants are also encouraged to create a table tent with their name and areas of expertise. However, even if a coach is not skilled in a particular area, they can help you build a search strategy for addressing your question.

You may wish to peruse any of the pages listed under the Resources tab at the top of this page. Consider suggesting your favorite resource if you don't see it listed.

You might also just ask the room something like ...

  • Does anyone happen to know how to set a featured image in Wordpress?
  • Does anyone know CSS? This CSS looks right to me, but it's not reflected on the page!
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On this site we have curated many useful tools and resources, organizing them by language, tool, or concept. See our Resources menu for more information. We also happily accept suggestions for resources to include in this site. If you have something to share with other developers, visit our Resource Suggestion Form.

But for absolute beginners, how does one build their skills? As LinkedIn Learning author Kathryn Hodge explains, the answer is to work regularly around other people, sharing your skills and leveraging the collective intelligence of the crowd.

Among her insights:

  • Be patient with yourself, understanding that Googling your inevitable errors is a natural part of the process of programming
  • Work steadily to build a strong foundation in your chosen area(s). This will help you move well past simply cobbling together code others have written. This isn't a bad place to start, but it's not where you want to end up.
  • Ask others for help. And help others where you can—both make you a much stronger coder. Of course, your participation in Code Café is an excellent start!

LinkedIn Learning (aka is a paid training resource. However, if you are a resident of St. Joseph County—this includes students living in campus housing—you may access LinkedIn Learning courses for free through the St. Joseph County Public Library's LinkedIn Learning portal.

To obtain a St. Joseph County Public Library Card ...


Visit the Hesburgh Library's first floor Circulation Desk.


Request a St. Joe County Public Library card. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours to be issued.


Once you receive your new card and pin, you may login to the LinkedIn Learning portal on the website.

Code Café is a place to hang out, code, and share with others, so you're welcome to work on homework assignments here.

However … before asking for help on a particular homework problem, assigment, or project, remember that you will need to follow the guidelines set by your instructor on:

  • Whether collaboration and external help is allowed
  • Whether it needs to be cited or otherwise declared

When in doubt, always check with your instructor!